My childhood

When I was a kid I was sitting in my countryside and actually speaking seeking and dreaming all the time I felt the need to copy others not from my own intiative but from my own thinking, the childhood I had was inadvertedly awesome I grew up at a farm with my grandparents and while I was with them they just kind of took care of me, I was sitting all day catching flies and feeding them to the spiders, well that was fun I once took a fly froze it in the refrigerator and after that brought it back to life again, it was just like reincarnation but in fact it was more awesome than that believe me, when I took the first steps in life I didn’t knew where I was about to end I was born in sector 1 Romania Bucharest in a military hospital since then I was afraid all the time of doctors I had apendicite at the age of 6 and moved to another home at the age of 7 the years I spent at my grandparents farm was awesome I thought I could control the wind and make the wind flow in the direction I wanted to go, but anyway, this is kind of cool now because it felt so real back then, my childhood dreams was about my father which once I dream about dying I saw him dead and I thought about it and my life kind of shifted since then, my father had a very big influence on me he kind of took care of me but also let me free to chose whatever I want in life its time to set it straight, my dad always choose me to do the work because he’s an old guy now he’s 57 at this time and I wish him all the luck and freedom and happiness in the world, ok since childhood I was always bullied by girls all the time they kind of harassed me and made fun of me because my appearance, I was a very tall skinny guy and they didn’t like me so much, my teenage girlfriends now left me all of them they flew away never coming back to me, one of the sued me for saying her name in a youtube video which to me sounds a little stupid if you ask me, she sued me fore narrating our story which she chose to take part of I guess she’s just a loser trying to make some money now having a regular job and uninterested about anything fancy no more, well things are getting wired now fellas, because as I am older now my pain kind of went away but my mind is still sick for now, so I have to cough this up, I am bipolar and taking medicine for this disease which I don’t know how to get rid of, I tried many ways but I can’t quit medication because it keeps me sane if I stop taking medicine I will surely end up in the hospital again doctors sticking needles in my but, its horrible.