Legends Never Die

It’s about time I made a real page about League of Legends, I know I have a lot of posts about it but I just can’t seem to spell out all the info I’ve gathered about it, my experience in LoL is not that big although with the new updates we are not far behind.
The League of Legends system is not that hard to understand you can play normal, draft, ranked, ranked flex, and Aram, twisted treeline (3v3) and other special events that come along the way.
It’s very interesting because at some point in my life I’ve given up LoL telling myself it’s hard, I always lose, I can’t win against diamond, he countered me, I don’t farm well, kill steal and so on… there are many reasons someone quits LoL but I guess for me it was just a break.
As soon as I got my shit together in some way in my life because I was caught up with many things games and chores and stuff like that eventually I’ve returned hardcore Aram to get some champions experience to level my account, but I think if you play just for leveling your account you will eventually get bored of it, you must play to win, for that satisfaction that the big esports players have when winning against a strong enemy team. It’s a big difference between playing for fun and playing to win sometimes you play casually just for fun and you end up winning so it’s a big surprise because you played great that game and sometimes you want to win so bad that you end up losing the game and flaming your team ( one of the reasons I took a break from lol was the flamers and losing all the time in ranked).
After that after you play casual just for fun and you start winning ( you can’t win every match even if you want to so let’s be realistic about it) you get the biggest satisfaction you could get from winning ranked, normal or Aram because you didn’t even try to win it just happened, and I’m not saying I got carried by the team because I always take care of feeding ( killing me is very hard but I’m just modest about it)
The biggest satisfaction I got recently from playing Riot’s League of Legends was actually winning and getting an equivalent game of MVP in Hots for actually playing safe not dying and just defending it was like absolutely no stress man I got this, it was easy, and I’m not one of those guys who at the end of the game fast-types „EZ” you know those guys that could be so frustrating for someone who actually tries to win and looses, we’ve all been through that in LoL believe me.

Sometimes I think why not just stream some LoL plays and show you guys how I do and maybe make some comments about it, maybe I will do that when I’ll boost my confidence a bit to raise more in the ranking system maybe reach gold but I’m skeptic about it because it’s not that easy for me anymore I quit LoL at 21 and after 6 years I came back, but I still have the MOBA skills necessary to survive a hard game, it all depends on the rest of the team for me from now on.

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