I am an Eminem Fan

I choose Slim Shady because of two options, I love him, he is the best he is what I wanted and I will never forget it, I choose Eminem because he his what I needed when nobody was there, I choose Slim Shady because he is the moment he is the Rap God and nobody could watch him, I choose this because he touched my heart with that song, he is the moment of my life he is the one who did it he is the success in person, this is why me I am today what he is now, I am retired and now he is one of the coolest persons I know, the most beautiful man of the century he is cool he is beautiful he is amazing, he is the one and only guy who I know never disrespected me on purpose he is AMAZING, EMINEM FOREVER EMINEM FOR LIFE THANK YOU SLIM YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.