Heroes Of The Storm

Hi all, I just wanted to post this story about HotS ( Heroes of the Storm) and what I think about how the game should be played and how I played it.
I wanna talk about the heroes first, they seem allot even tho blizzard could anytime add more, I don’t know all the heroes in the game, I didn’t even play them all but most of them seem very nice, I think it’s a very balanced MOBA game with ups and downs, I think the ranked system should be modified cause the role selecting feature seems kinda broken or must be worked further so If I choose to play a tank or ranged assassin I should be able to do that.
I don’t have a favorite hero because they have a lot of them going on by now, I didn’t even played from the beginning I just picked up when I bought my fully functional personal computer, because I had a very bad laptop and I needed to change it.
I like the way you bribe or kill mercenaries to capture them and after that, they fight by your side I haven’t seen this in any MOBA before so It’s kind of unique in my opinion but blizzard always seems to come with new innovating ideas along the way.
The quick match feature starts up very quick sometimes when I play solo but when I’m with a team it lasts very long sometimes. If I would have to choose a favorite hero in the game I would choose Arthas for the self-sustain healing and the high damage of the trait, he has a talent when you can double strike with Frostmourne which gives you back mana.
I like even more Nazeebo that witch doctor who releases some toads on the map and they deal damage over time, if he isn’t downed fast enough he could deal heavy damage in time.
They have a lot of maps I like one of them is Sky Temple, that is awesome with those guardians guarding the temple and stuff like that, it’s like a real battle but anyway you can win even if you choose to rush to base and let them get the temples if you have a high damage ranged assassin.
So what do I generally think of this specific MOBA is that it’s a very balanced game, very rarely I see changed situations between winning teams more like a ping pong match but those games are rare. Usually, the best combo team wins and tanks are great here because a tank team would win versus a high damage ones, especially if the tanks most of them with self sustain healing and a healer the damage dealers will hit in vain.
I will keep you up to date as soon as I experience more of what the game has to offer.
In my experience with HotS when you have a good combo team like a tank, a healer, support, bruiser and mele/ranged assassin is really easy to win the game, if you have all the necessary roles you have a chance at winning, a bad combo team is usually one without a healer or a tank and maybe just full of DPS and stuff which really doesn’t matter all that much because you need a very diverse team combo to win a match.

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