Life is Life

I always wondered how normal people feel, I have been sick since I was 21, the start of the year 2014 gave me a feeling of illness and betrayal I was hospitalized in a mental institution by the end of 2013, for the first time I saw darkness within, my dark days have come to an end, but by the year 2021 I am getting better now, it has been a long road of self discovery, the drugs and the marijuana kicking in with legal substances making me feel high, I was depraved by my only mental ideal, the fulfillness of hope, the intriguing sensation of freedom in the drug world. The world of drugs calm me down but now I felt like I needed to leave that place. I was consumed by hatred of revenge and betrayal I was abused mal nourished and sick, was lonely guy in a lonely place in this world the blackness insomniac has taken over me now I beg for difference in the world of the normal, I seek hope in the eyes of the beloved family I have, the past is not real anymore I have left that place, in a forgotten sick and pleasure-less seeking before my own eyes. I left my past behind me once more I forgot who was there for me when I needed the most I mean no one but my mom and dad and my brother, my family is everything that I have, everything else is rust to rubble.

The beginning is always the hardest

I try my best to talk fluently in english but it is so hard learning all the words, english is my second language so I have to know it pretty well I have made a commitment to the english language I will try to learn it as much as I can but I always learn from my mistakes and failures and I think that is a good thing, I always try to perfect my language skills and my social skills but it does not work every time but as long as I have my family with me its all ok until now.

My english language is not that good I admit it but as soon as I start learning and take some english language classes I think it is going to be ok, I love this language so much but I can try Romanian too, I love learning new languages even if they are hard to read.

I always try to be as positive as I can and never disrespect anyone even if I hate them, sometimes it is very hard to be me because I think a lot and sometimes thinking is really hard.

I use medication as a relief from my personal problems and I do not want to give up ever, I think this is the new lifestyle I want and I hope this helps somebody.

If you feel inspired about my writing please leave a thumbs up and take care of yourself, Thank you.

I got a new idea

What if we all started sharing to one another not much just a little something to get along for us I mean we as human being never the less we can make a better world for our future generations and now that has come to this just spike it and now lets get to the job.

Most of my writing is crap but I still write about it you can read if you want but be careful some of my ideas are quite insane, I live in Romania and most of us here do not have a job we don’t work so this is my full time commitment to writing.

I want to have an awesome blog so you know when to start or not.

May the eternal sound come close to you.

We praise the God of the Sun, Anubis, so this is it.

For Ra.