We own it, we own it, that’s what they say but what do they say about they don’t say? What do they say then? If nobody says it how will they know? I know WTF. What is wrong with you people, I am smart I am brilliant I am a genius. You so small and weak I pity you, but never the less people who come into my life have a wonderful meaning about them, I lost so many friends I can’t even remember, I did so many things I can’t even remember and I don’t want to remember, I want to forget them , I want to forget all the people in my life who did not believe in me, I want to forget everybody who doubted me.

No more haters, none, not even a single one, I don’t care you can do what you want, it’s your own karma but don’t blame me for your stupid mistakes every time you fail or fuck up.

It’s not my fault you are a loser, Get a grip.

It is my job

I got hired as a part-time writer on wordpress so this is it I am writing to you so you know you can keep me close when you need to, I got this job by surprise as an entrepreneur and a freelancer, I got this because I had nothing else to do, I need some kind of activity to keep my mind sane and ok. I need to write as a full time job because writing is my style and I love doing it, this time I write to you with a full heart of warm feelings so you know my love, this time that I write to you I feel like I am working on my career, I got a lot of posts and articles published not only here on wordpress but so on Blogger.

I got into writing a few years ago while I was searching on the web for something to do, now that I got here I hope you will enjoy my literacy and my way of writing as much as I enjoy doing it.

How to stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle in a modern world

I was thinking if I care so much about my health I should go see a doctor right, well that is not that far from the truth well you see doctors these days are very smart and very intuitive you cannot fool them they see right through you, and that is not far from the truth, why are you afraid of doctors when all they want is to heal you, so what you need a vaccine so what you need to take medication so what you are ill or have a disease you only care about yourself, if you are not healthy you are ill there is no in between and a healthy lifestyle and good health is better than all the money in the world, what good is that you have money when you have cancer for example, why you need more money when you are going to die in 10 years, so to speak.

Why do you need money if all you do is eat fast food and go to church to pray to God to make you healthy again, why you start running marathons for God’s sake. Making sport and having a healthy lifestyle is a sign of success you cannot have success if you are ill or are obese or fat or ugly or ill or malnutritious or your brain do not has the same cells it need to procreate and reproduce.

The food you eat influences you way of life, TV for example teaches us all the bad and ugly stuff of the world if we stop watching TV our lives will change into a future we never thought possible before, I have friends who quit watching TV to do something constructive like sports for example, looking good helps the ladies come.

Sport is good but eating well is better I try to excersie by walking a lot and by walking I mean going to the park and make marathons of running.

So when you think of health think of what you eat what you do and what you drink.

This is very important stuff for your well being guys.

I got inspiration to share

Well I started just like you, one guy one word, as I walk beside my brethren in Romania I found out I am not the only one as I get older and bigger I realize that most people and even those who read me, are not like everyone else they are special, my special skill is that I do not have any special skills, I’m a writer I’m a poet I’m a dreamer, I’m everything I want to be in life. But I just found out that you can create your own life from your own words and that hit me so hard. I can create my own little world inside of my head right now I can have all the people in the world join me in my quest for forgiveness of cruelty to animals and nothing more. I am a natural a born leader seeking hope amongst the woods of reality in which we live in. I am a dreamer of none people can wait against the wall of perfection and idealism of the none-ness and one-ness that we are.

As long as the script stays the same you can return to sand, we take majorly care of what we bring to this world, sometimes it is enough but sometimes the quest is too far away I feel like drifting to some place quiet just me and my books that I have, I collect books and video games.

If you think I am not enough for this blog please say it, don’t hold a grudge we don’t like baggers just work for it like I do.

I know some people don’t have the same luck I do but where is God there is always hope, believe in God, believe in Hope, believe in yourself, always.

Bring peace to this God-Forsaken World that we live in, take care.

We are here to live as one

Nothing in this world may sound so absurd and so grotesque than to live a life knowing you may not make it to its end. Nothing is more of a facade than to live a life by pleasing others, we do not wish to stay here to be obedient sheep-like lambs to the slaughter, we are here because we are the wolves that howl to the moon in its brightful glory we are the ones who hunt you guys down, we are the ones that do not accept slavery we are the ones you torment for being superior beings than others we are the brain of this hypocrisy of men and women all gathering around and having sex, we are the wolves that hunt the sheep we are the ones to say this howl of the moon when we gather around we are the ones who shout for aid than rather listen to what people have to say we are the fighters of this new glory apocalypse that is coming. We make this world better because we exist we are the Uranus in our solar system, we are the moon, the stars and the suns of all galaxies, we may be passing by but you will never forget us because we will live forever like this, in your memory.

The disease of the century

The disease of the century is only in our minds, we ourselves got to clean it and if we don’t we will stay sick forever, I myself am struggling from this disease trying to get out it’s such a big pain to me that I have to write this I have been badly hurt from my family and our ancestors we live so rapidly you don’t even notice I was there, do you?

This is for my niggas all around the globe we hear you talk we hear you speak we hear you shout from the bottom of your nerves, we hear you cry we hear you ask for help, we need your help, we need your hand, we need your rally for cry, we hear you sleep we hear you beg for mercy we hear you cry out for help when your mouth is wide shut, we can hear your nerves crying and cracking, we hear your mouth that never stops speaking and we are listening to it.

We know you are there, we know who to trust and who not to trust we can hear your agony we hear your despair we are here to set your free.

We are here to free you from your mind your ego, your selfishness, and your thoughts we can hear your thoughts crying for help and asking for forgiveness we hear your mutual understanding about this new concept of yours.

We hear you Mephisto, we are your tribe now, come and seek us, seek our shelter our gifts and our Narnia, come sit on my lap and cry for mother nature to forgive you for all your sins, cry for mother nature, cry for mother nature, cry for mother nature, cry us for help.

The system

The system

The system is made for us to know what is better , the path we chose in life or our habitats.

The system is made for people like me who follow deep thought patterns along the way.

The system has built in hydraulic patterns that govern all kinds of speacies.

The system was made for us to flourish not by mean and awful things we believe in.

The system is our kingdom to come by the Love of our God almighty in the heavens.

The system was built to protect and serve it’s inhabitants.

The system was built for a secure way to manage your funds when you don’t have none to spare.

The system takes care of our daily chores activities like walking on water and breathing.

As a Pharaoh I need this system to survive and make something out of this to conquer the whole world with it, the system is prepared for whatever it may encounter along the way. The system will merge and evolve to new patterns when it has reached it’s limit, the system will go on and on and on with nothing to do but just to exist on this planet.


Game God

Game God

This is me playing Li Ming in Heroes of the storm.

I have always considered to be a Hero, but as long as I have the time to actually play the game it takes me a lot of time to do so.

So this article is about games, video games actually and more like PC games than actual play station or xbox. I consider myself a Game God because I play a lot of video games and since I was a child I wanted to be like God. I don’t know which God but like one.

So this is me I grew up now and still play video games as it was my last day on earth. I still play Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch and League of Legends and Dota. I live my life like I just smoked my last blunt. This is Why I am writing this because you might never know who your going to end up with at the end. So I’m writing all this mumbo jumbo stuff to warn you guys, I am a God I don’t know which one but I am one for sure so when you ask me the next question about reality and stuff like that , take a note, sit back roll up some G’s and take selfies while you’re at it because this night we going to party wild. I am the party starter , fking instigator LOL. I’m the fear addicted, danger ilustrated.

Just kidding I really am a prodigy fan. Ever since I started smoking I had all these illusions in my head like I am the best, I am a God , I am the biggest baddest motherfucker out there, but that is not totally true, I am not bad and neither my parents are.

We are just a great big happy family who wants to fit in this world of ours, when we judge we tend to judge by it’s cover but we actually judge a person by it’s skin color, it’s clothes and it’s appearance just like a book’s cover.

When we start to yell at each other for no reason or just a minor setback of the main plan we tend to destroy everything, this is God’s plan with us and we are here to do so. So the next time you judge a book by it’s cover make sure you take a sneak peak on what’s inside also. Just so you don’t die stupid.

Take care!

A relationship can change you

As I have learned from past experiences is that a relationship can change you, either you change the girl or the girl changes you there is no in-between. In my past relationships, I have been changed but in the future ones, I plan to change myself. Why? Would you ask me?

Well to sum it up really quick my ex-girlfriends wanted me to be a certain way, they wanted me to act accordingly to their fantasies, they didn’t love me for who I was, they loved me for who I pretended to be when I was with them.

I had to go through a difficult process to get back to who I was after I broke up with them.

The past tense is not real I want to tell you this, past relationships are not there anymore even if you still love them or not.

The girl you used to love probably isn’t the same anymore and neither you are.

You both changed according to your previous experiences or your own human nature.

We all change eventually all we have to do is to accept the fact that we are easily replaceable this is it.

We can always be replaced and that hurts us the most.

Every relationship I had was very bad, it felt just worse and worse as I got to know them better.

Every relationship is unique in their own way I just happened to meet some dumb ass girls along the way.

Every little girl I meet has a story to tell and this is my story to you guys. We all have our flaws and our misconceptions about life, but my point is that you should not try to change your real partner into the partner you wish you had, just change the person, not the man you are in a relationship with.

Get another boyfriend or get another girlfriend, don’t try to change your love life just be cool with it.

The book of Life

We all write in the book of Life, some of us write better while some of us write worse.

But the main thing is that we write, each and every day we do so, we turn up the page and write a new chapter in our lives.

Some of us write better while some of us not, we decide how we write each and every day the book of our life should be our masterpiece.

The Book of Life is for everybody to share and understand.

E all want to share and write in the book of life. We may never see the next page again, but the last page we have written should be today’s page. We should think about progress when we write we should think of ourselves.

We should think about progression and we should also think about how hard is it today to find new people and new friends.

We can all be friends what we all have in common is our lives. We all share the same planet, we all share the same home we are all part of the human race so you do you put me on hold?

I am not your friend or your God I am just me writing my pages of life.

I am the supreme leader of my kind and my people I am like the president of my country I am like the leader of my people and we should all take a stand in giving back to the community for all our efforts combined.

His is for you my reader which I must confess to you that you are not alone somebody cares for you and wants to see you home.

We live by choice and command by nature, we live as one God together in a group of people that come together for the good of mankind, we are the people who should start making some changes in this world.

We all should change at least how do we view our lives. But not many people should understand this that only with change can we move forward.

Change is a necessity, not a choice, so when you face adversity you face it without having the choice of not facing it or vice versa.

The bringer of chaos has yet to become alive yet so we shall live in harmony and with peace to our homeland and may the earth guide our paths to live our best lives we have yet to dream about.