I want to write my own story

I was just out again this time for good, I am so sick of doing things for others that I forgot about myself, I do not speak much about me but here it is I always brag about it anyway.

I’m a writer, lover, poet, I write about life In general and how to survive in a modern society I think the hate begins where most people die I think hate is made out of suffering and defeat, I think hate is made out of anger and cruelty and vengeance.

Every reality is different

You might think this is a joke, it might be, but in my view of the world there are different realities, the reality of the church, the reality of the government and the reality of the people, they can be more but it is still undiscovered, if you do not speak about it nobody will know it, the difference of the realities are they all have a purpose and a meaning, when you chose your reality or the reality you belong in you create a tribe and that tribe is like your family.

The tribe you belong in is the people you feel most close to, the people you believe in and the people who love you unconditionally. you might see broken families, broken relationships, children without mother and father, disabled people.

But in truth we all are human and by our human form makes us to belong to something that is greater than ourselves.

The reality is speak of is one thing for sure not for everybody, I try every day to find some truth and meaning in this God forsaken world, we are so little compared to the whole universe, we as the people who we belong to have this responsibility to take action on our needs.

I have decided

I have decided to stick to my own rules my own way of life and my own thinking, anything that stands in my way will be turned to rubble, I have decided to be my own boss, my own being, my own self, to let go of the ego and embrace uncertainty. I have decided to move further to a new way of life and start over, there is no way to go just up, I have decided to be an entrepreneur and a rapper, a miner, and a streamer, a writer and a father. I have decided to be what I want to be and when I want to be it, I have decided to start a new life full of abundance and self help, my own thing and make things happen for me.

I have decided to write about it because I cannot speak about it long enough, it was my decision to make this plan so I’m sticking to it forever until the end of time.

I have made my choice

I decided when I was 21 years old that I am going to read all the books in my house, and now I am doing it after 7 years I still fight back the system, the system is flawed but none the less my system will prevail, my system and learning and regenerative system will work you will see, I said a lot of things like about women but none of them are true, I don’t love anybody I am single, and if you want to marry me you better put up with my system and my flaws and my decisions. If you want to be my wife just know that I am not normal I am bipolar and you will just have to deal with that. This is my work and I am going to make it work even if you like it or not.

Artificial intelligence and calculations

Ever since I was little I had this passion for computers and robots and now that I am older I can say my mission is almost complete, I haven’t figured out what the code was anyway I was thinking about programming language but I can’t figure out what is the pass code for it, maybe I am not meant to be a programmer or just be a writer and use my skills to do good things.

I usually write because I need to get my mind of all the stuff that I don’t need and figure out a way I can produce more money for my family.

We need money Romania is a poor country the government does not care about us.

I am retired so I can write but most of us have no clue on what to do here.

My mind is clear now but as I am getting older I feel that time is taking its place into my life, time is ticking away even if we like it or not, it is dangerous to live an unfulfilled life, if this is what I’m going to do maybe just try my best and see what happens.

My native language is a Latin one

I come from a poor country called Romania, our native language is Romania and it sounds like this: „Salut” which means „Hi”.

My language is pretty tricky and needs a lot of rehabilitation because it has started to mispronounce some words. We live in Romania in the central east of Europe. We as Romanians have a duty which they call patriotism, we have just adopted democracy in 1989 we are a democratic country taking part in the European Union, our president is Klaus Iohannis, my country is very poor because it just adopted democracy we have no dictator anymore we can do whatever the hell we want, the problem is not the country but its people of course. We as Romanians have the right to be free, we as Romanians have the right to live a free life, poor or rich we have the right to freedom. That is classy, as long as I live I will fight for this country to be free from war, free from poverty, and to free its mind. I call out to all Romanians all over the world to free their mind from poverty and from money, we do not need money to set us free, we can be free and be poor as well. The important fact is not to have money but to be free enough to spend it on what we want, we have the right to freedom! Freedom of the mind, freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, we are the free thinkers of Europe, we do not want wars, we want peace, and I am going to fight for this peace as long as I live.

We have the democratic right to do as we please, to speak what we want and to live in peace and harmony we have the right to speak up to the world and meet us, greet us with the kindness of speech and humility, we have the right to be seen as equal and responsible for the things that we do as anybody else in this world, we have the right to freedom, and freedom is the best ability we could obtain here in Romania. We are free in Romania, Romania is a free country, Romania is the best country I have seen, Romania is beautiful, Romania is like a beautiful flower just blooming after the spring. Romania is in my heart and my soul and it will forever be this way!

Who are you to judge? (Can I tell you how to live your life?)

I have been prominent with this fact lately that many people walk around mindlessly going all over the place where they shouldn’t actually be, like myself, for instance, I was down I was breaking, I was on the deepest pothole on the verge of a mental collapse I was everything you shouldn’t be, but I survive right? I survived what was and I will survive what is coming, therefore, I’m still here, I want to ask you some questions alright?

What if your life started from old age and continued to birth?

What if your mother does not love you?

What if your life was meant to please others?

What if I told you that you actually have 0 power of will?

What if I said some nasty things about you behind your back?

What if we will not ever find true love in this world?

What if we are actually aliens who have been born to earth to populate it to give this planet a meaning?

What if we have never experienced this before? What if I am Don Juan?

What if women like and want me for being tall and handsome and big and juicy?

What if I told you that this was a joke and you shouldn’t have read this at all?

What if this world in its chaos will sometimes deliver the most beautiful flowers to us at the best unexpected time and in the most unexpected place?

What if this world was made to create other worlds, what if I am beautiful?

Why do I have so many questions you should ask? Well I am here, breathing, alive, and I’m not rude to anybody so it’s true chaos out there there is nothing under control, nothing at all, we just fly like mosquitoes on our nearest target or victim, we just fly aimlessly into nothing, we will collapse from nothingness if we continue this way, but it’s all about cause and effect, isn’t it? Right, we cause something, therefore, we suffer the consequences of our own actions, this should be repeatable enough.

Have a great day ladies and gentlemen!

I don’t want to talk about stuff, ok?

Sometimes is better to a hut up and close your eyes, turn the other cheek around just so you don’t hurt people who loved you, not in my case naah, words can hurt and will hurt if you let them.

Sometimes is better to just mind your own business and don’t hurt anybody sometimes it’s better to be the sheep than the Shepherd or just make it look that way anyway, nobody knows what you are thinking right? Well, we all are here on earth to prove something right?

We are here to prove who’s the alpha male, to prove yourself to the community to prove you are the best, ain’t we alpha males?

Well, we all would want that, but what if we ain’t got it in us to be the alpha male? What if we are the sheep and the alpha male is out there roaming around, what if we ain’t good enough for them?

I’m here to prove you wrong, you are good enough you just don’t know it yet, you just let people stick a finger in your face and tell you you’re no good, and when things get hard you look for something to blame like a big shadow that you see on different people’s faces.

You just do that because you think you ain’t good enough for this world that we live in, and I’m here to tell you that you are probably right, you may not be good enough today, but I promise you if you work hard on your goals and dreams you might make it one day, maybe that day is not today but someday you might actually make it and you will shout to the world „Thank You God” because without you I would be nothing at all.

This sums up my response to, sometimes it’s better to shut up than give in to people who don’t value or respect you, just shut up and show them your results instead of just talking about results, just show them 👍

Keep the peace brothers and sisters because I’m coming home ❤

Game God

Game God

This is me playing Li Ming in Heroes of the storm.

I have always considered to be a Hero, but as long as I have the time to actually play the game it takes me a lot of time to do so.

So this article is about games, video games actually and more like PC games than actual play station or xbox. I consider myself a Game God because I play a lot of video games and since I was a child I wanted to be like God. I don’t know which God but like one.

So this is me I grew up now and still play video games as it was my last day on earth. I still play Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch and League of Legends and Dota. I live my life like I just smoked my last blunt. This is Why I am writing this because you might never know who your going to end up with at the end. So I’m writing all this mumbo jumbo stuff to warn you guys, I am a God I don’t know which one but I am one for sure so when you ask me the next question about reality and stuff like that , take a note, sit back roll up some G’s and take selfies while you’re at it because this night we going to party wild. I am the party starter , fking instigator LOL. I’m the fear addicted, danger ilustrated.

Just kidding I really am a prodigy fan. Ever since I started smoking I had all these illusions in my head like I am the best, I am a God , I am the biggest baddest motherfucker out there, but that is not totally true, I am not bad and neither my parents are.

We are just a great big happy family who wants to fit in this world of ours, when we judge we tend to judge by it’s cover but we actually judge a person by it’s skin color, it’s clothes and it’s appearance just like a book’s cover.

When we start to yell at each other for no reason or just a minor setback of the main plan we tend to destroy everything, this is God’s plan with us and we are here to do so. So the next time you judge a book by it’s cover make sure you take a sneak peak on what’s inside also. Just so you don’t die stupid.

Take care!

Living in Romania

Living in Romania seems hard at first sight but eventually, you will get over it.

This is a beautiful country full of forest mountains and seaside.

You can come and move to my country with no problems. We have a lot in common we are the unique pieces of a whole puzzle put together by God almighty. We are unique and different from one another, we keep the species alive.

We Romanians are pure-hearted, loyal, and friendly. We keep nature intact here we move with nature pray to nature and cherish nature, we are a natural country that praises God the Creator of Worlds.

Me a Romanian man I cherish God and nature and I pray to the universe to take care of my country and be free.

I wish we all could get along and live our lives in peace and prosperity into this world I bring the love!

I bring love into this world as a father I am as a man and as a child.

Wish mother nature could see me now how I do my best to protect her.

Am a guardian of the flowers and trees and plants, I am a guardian of the earth and the sun and the moon and the whole universe is my witness.

I am a guardian of them all as a whole.

Those who pray to me to bring them mercy shall have a good and long life filled with prosperity good deeds, happiness, and joy.

We as Romanians take into consideration the possibility to bring beauty into this world. We shall unite and stand as one as the future unveils to us, into the capsule of time.

We as Romanians shall defend the gates between these Worlds that happen to be outside and inside of us all. We as Romanians have a duty to respect, we as Romanians shall defend the innocent and the weak and shall move into the future to make a whole new brother day for all mankind.

We as Romanians take into custody and responsibility to us that the fact that we are born in Romania makes us powerful beyond measure.

On these grounds, powerful leaders were born, we shall unite and take care of the whole world because Romania is unique, Romania is different, and Romania is beautiful. 🇷🇴