Asethabalanar The Pharaoh

New People

This is the new year new me bullshit.
I came here on Blogger to get my shit together.
And eventually, I will get my shit together.
This is me, in the purest of forms, continuing graduating and smiling to you guys.
This is the new me new fresh born me.
Reborn that is.
I believe in Karma and I believe that eventually, we all will get what we deserve in life, some of us get more of that some of us get less.
But society today does not work that way anymore.
Society today has it all backward.
Society today does not know or has forgotten the word respect.
We don’t teach for the respect we preach respect.
We preach and teach the respect we want to receive in life.
We have goals, desires, plans, wives, kids, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers we all have this.
We all are somebody’s, somebody.
So when I say new people I mean man we really need to look out for each other you know what I’m saying because this thing called life, you only get it now but when it is all over what are you going to do?
What are you going to do when you know there will come a time when it will end?
Life is limited. Time is limited.
The universe is infinite.
Time is not infinite, our time.
We got a choice: to live free from poverty fear and regret.
Or to live a lie consuming eating and destroying each other.
The choice is yours, but I dare you, choose wisely because the road you might take will be so hard that you will sometimes want to quit it but you can’t.
You cannot quit your job, your family, and your wife.
You just can’t do that anymore.


This is the new year new me shit.
I want to tell you guys a little story of mine.
I was captured by pirates and I cannot escape from them.
Some of you might think I am crazy, but I am not crazy I am just me, just like a Shaolin monk.
I am the Black God.
Asian and black.
Black bears, black wildlife.
Everything and everyone are welcomed.
I am me I cannot change that, I can only change my attitude about it.
It sucks but that’s just the way it is.
I am more than meets the eye, I am a Shaolin.
Hehe, he.
This is Asethabalanar speaking my new name.
Take care and spread peace, plant newborn trees, and life.
Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

We are the children of the earth

We are the kids of the earth and the earth is guiding us on our path, we cannot deny the fact that we love our planet, we are here to help the earth grow and be strong, we are here to heal and mend the earth we are here together to put the earth back piece by piece just like a puzzle, we are here to defend the earth from harm.
We are here to protect our homeland, we are here to cherish every moment of life as we live, may the earth guide my path as his will and the earth take good care of me if I’m ill, may the earth be my guide, may the earth be my voice, may the earth be with us at any time, may we save the earth from disaster and harm, may the earth live again, may the earth be my friend.

Healthy thinking

To live to think and to act healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle in order for you to do that you have to go out and enjoy the ride because health is more important than the pleasure I can suggest the fact that I can walk and talk like a monk and be the same as Buddha as he was when he was living.
Buddha made me healthy and made me understand my pain
Buddha is the reason I am telling you this, deep meditation and focus can come after this, think straight with no mistakes it can be hard first but after some time it will be better than before.
The thing with relationships is that when you meet somebody is that the one you want?
I am thinking well maybe but is that the one I deserve, I will say maybe again, you cannot be even sure of a person before you meet her and that is the fact that I don’t judge, none, and no one.


I feel myself changing all the time, adapting to the environment in which I am.
No matter where you are you can adapt to change, it is futile to deny the fact that we all need this, in fact, it is in the human nature to change and adapt to his environment wherever you are, to live not to die.
Considering the fact that maybe we are unique in our own way I would like to call myself a Prophet of my time.
I would like to say that I am blessed with a voice not many of you have.
In fact, my voice sounds just like an echo.
In which voice do you trust? The good or the bad, the ups or the downs, the heaven or the hell?
You can tell someone to leave you alone but you cannot force somebody to listen to you.
This is my teaching to be a voice, not an echo in life.
We all have our own voices, we can say the truth or we can say nothing, this is the real truth in life.
If you cannot say the truth you should shut up until the truth is revealed to you in so many ways and forms.
I can congratulate so many of you for succeeding but I need to congratulate myself first in order for me to do my own work.
I have an ethical mind you know.

Liberation From The Comfort Zone

You look different, you act differently, you speak differently, you think differently, it’s all about the change when you change you take all your burden away and throw that thing on somebody else’s back.
You know that you trust that, it’s your feeling, it’s your gut instinct talking to you.
It’s your survival instincts keeping you win, keeping you safe, keeping you alive?
Why do we have to go all through this hardship and change and pain and anguish just to erase some memories or bad habits of someone?
Why do we have to write every time the same old sentence just to be taught differently?
I’m just saying you know? 
It’s hard, it’s no easy job for just being you, yourself.
Keeping your shit together might be just the hardest thing you could ever possibly do in this life, I mean for real just look outside and enjoy the view, what do you see out there?
I’m just asking because this is very tempting to me as it is to you.
I might just go for a walk or something just to let you know how my day went because I’m feeling something and I don’t know if it is love if it is pain, or if it is just fear of the unknown.

My own religion

My own religion is based upon, truth, forgiveness, and equality for an opportunity.
In my religion we all have a chance at life, we all have the right to live, we all have our lows and our highs, we all have our pleasures and our hurts, in my religion and the way I see it I was a mentor to you guys in the past but as a King, I will say that no matter how far you know you can go there is nothing more valuable and precious than time.
Time will always tell you the truth, time will always answer your questions, time will always heal you.
Time is more valuable than money time is more valuable than anything money can buy, time can even make you feel like you count in this world and it is ok to have a different opinion than others.
Time will tell you it’s ok to live a life nobody understands, time will always tell you how to dream more and eat less. Time will always have your back, time will always be true to you because you are time and we are one.
Time will tell you how to manage your work.
Time will be there for you when you know you’re not worthy of something.
Time will make you understand your own path in life, time will keep you up late at night and say to you in your head, it’s ok to not sleep, time will tell you it’s ok to not go to work, time will tell you it’s ok to be different than others.

I want to be rich and famous

I want to be rich and famous one day, this day could come sooner, or this day can come faster.
But I have the courage to ask the universe for it. And if I want it bad enough I just might get it.
Someday I will be old and I want to think of myself as a caring, sweet, and forgiving man, not to tell you even wise maybe.
I want to be a wise old man at the time of my life there was a rupture between hearts and relationships.
I was charged for saying someone’s name in a public video on YouTube and for that thing I deleted my whole channel because the police called me and that person pressed charges against me because I told her name in public.
This fame is not even something you can joke with anymore, I got loads of people reading and watching my shit right now.
I may not be the smartest man alive but I know I will manage to get through one way or another.


Forgiving is like forming a new healthy habit, you get rid of the old bad habits in order to form new healthy habits, this is the way I see it, It’s just like cleaning your room or getting rid of the trash, that is why we get rid of the old like the old must die for the new babies to be born again, this is the circle of life when someone dies somebody is getting born.
That is the way to do it, it is just nature that’s all I can say.
Nature believed in us to do good and we did well until we forgot where nature is, so we are now actually are in search of nature.
We are searching to gain back to our connection with nature in order to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle and be fresh yet again man has driven far from its primordial truth and sense.
We have to go back to our roots instead of always pointing forward.
We must go back to where we were before all the things that made us weak happened.
This is our truth, our truth is inside us all, this means we all have to give it some meaning, no matter at what cost this is.
The meaning of life means fulfilling your dharma and let go of your bad karma for you to gain good karma.
This is the process of evolution, we get rid of the old to gain the new.
This process works in all stages of life all circles all systems and all matrixes.
This truth is also a paradox, why? Because some bad can also be good for somebody else, I mean if something bad happens to you this can mean that something good is happening for somebody else.
Please don’t live your life as the victim.
Be the warrior you are not the sheep that you see yourself as being.

How to act on loneliness

I got these ideas in my head that makes me think I am all alone in this world and there is no one there for me at all times, I don’t have anybody who to share all this knowledge with a person, a flower, a follower, just anything, not even a message back did I not receive people just ignore me all the time and think I am needy.
This is not true in fact this makes me write or make videos about what I think all the time like I’m some kind of Guru or God or Messiah, this is what I think of myself and the pure feeling of loneliness is just like a void who attracts nothing but pain inside.
This is how you feel when your heart has been broken before so many times by all the people you have ever loved and will ever love.
Nothing makes me feel this emptiness this void inside of me this black hole that I have.

Why I can’t be happy?

I have everything I need and I’m still not happy with what I have, I don’t even know what I need anymore, I got a house, a car, some money, two parents who believe in me, a little brother that hates me and what is left?
I feel like it’s something missing I still feel it deep down inside to my core self.
I still think that something is missing from me but I don’t know what, like it has been stolen or something like that.
I need more, I need more truth, more love, and affection, and pleasure, I need more life, I need myself now more than ever.
I need to know the truth of things that have been yet happened.
I need to know it all.
I need to know how things work these days, I need to wake up, I need an awakening to happen, I need you guys as much as I need myself.
But what is missing deep down into my core system?
It’s like you’re never there for me when I need it the most.
It’s like you left me for granted.
It’s like being abandoned by someone.
It’s like loneliness when you are surrounded by people.
It’s just like depression.

Dharma and The Tree of Life

I think my dharma is to plant as many trees as possible on this earth at no matter what cost.
The trees are the lungs of the earth, they need to breathe if we cut down the trees we have to plant new ones, this is the circle of life.
I think the planet needs more trees than people actually.
If we cannot plant them at least don’t cut them down because probably in the near future you couldn’t breathe oxygen anymore.
The trees of the earth are his lungs, the earth breathes from the trees, the world needs us as much as it needs it’s trees if you plant a tree just know that whenever you do that you bring new life into this earth.
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