God Almighty

When I was young I used to believe in fairy tales now I believe in my dad he is out there somewhere running ruining lives like he used to, my dad is a very bad guy he is so weak and old and I am young and restless my dad is the best dad in the world but I am better than him and if you know this you know I am going to convince my dad that I am right and he is wrong, my dad has a superpower he is not dead and not alive at the same time he is in between rofl

My sins

I don’t sin a lot, I mean my sins are not that big but hell no ain’t gonna go there anyway, If I go then there would be no me left to deal with guess I was not ready back then huh, well my sins are like this, I curse a lot I talk bullshit about my mom and dad and I have the feeling like something is about to happen but I don’t know what so If I know I’m going to act but If I don’t then I don’t know what I am going to do next.

So the next step is irrelevant to me I always act on my gut feeling, always.

My brother, a movie Star

My brother likes movies so much he would die for them like literally he quit watching TV just like I did he wants to be just like me should be a God soon enough but he likes watching movies all the time he hates video games but movies love him, so I want to make him an actor, my brother Andrew is an actor period, now that you know this you should go on and confess your sins to the all might lord of heavens jesus christ

Why I write, Because it keeps me off TV

I started writing when I realized that it is better than watching TV for me writing is and always was something to do besides watching TV all the time, If I write enough I could be rich in no time that is why I write and put my words into action and wisdom I also read a lot so yeah I tend to stay on Facebook and stuff like that I also like to watch Youtube videos and so on.

I listen to music watch documentaries about aliens and stuff like that and I write my own thoughts on my blog so this is why I’m so hot right now thank you

Pharaoh’s curse upon you

We are the pharaoh’s people and we demand additional justice to this world, we as the people of the pyramids demand you come home to your land and never give up on your dreams, we the people demand you to be happy with what you have, we the people demand additional lumber.