Tyrael Gameplay

I wanted to show you guys my talent tree with Tyrael that I’ve been playing, I tried to put my talent in the blocking field at level 13 so I could juke them off the zone when needed but it was such a poorly played game and it wasn’t even my fault about it so, I just tried not to feed the enemies but my team did feed so, unfortunately, we lost this one particular match.
But the point is that I wanted you guys to see my game style and how I play him, I’m not that pro although I have some experience in the MOBA field , my tactics are simple, try not to feed and defend the base when needed, if the enemy team is weaker than us we just rush them 5v5 and break them down after that we push to their core.
It’s a simple strategy actually but it does not work all the time, most of the enemy players especially in the ranked matchmaking system are very good I think I am bronze 3 now in Heroes of the Storm, because I don’t have the necessary time to deal with the high playing routine going on in the ranked system, I mean you have to play a lot and win to rise so I prefer just playing for fun.
On weekends I play ranked when I have the time because it takes way longer to raise your win 2 games and you lose 3, that’s what it usually happens to me.

So maybe I’m making more videos of my trying new heroes as I get more experience playing the game because, to be honest, I’m quite new to Heroes of the Storm, I’ve been playing it for like about one year and a half, and not hardcore not to mention, lol.

Disciples Sacred Lands

This is one of my favorite games of all time and one of the most fun and entertaining games that I’ve ever played I found this game when I bought my first personal computer about 13 years ago and it first started with the first game Disciples Sacred Lands, I liked you guys the trailer, this is the first disciples game that was released, It’s a turn-based strategy game which means you have day by day to pass and you get to move your troops one time each day that passes. It’s a game that resembles very much with Heroes of Might and Magic, I played that one too but It didn’t catch my eye very much.
I will talk about Heroes of Might and magic in my future posts if I get the inspiration I need, I haven’t played it much because I was literally obsessed with disciples when I discovered it.
So about Disciples in this game, there are 4 Gods, The Empire (humans), the Mountain Clans (dwarves) the Legions of the Damned (demons), and the Undead Hordes (undead). You get to choose which one to play for saga or just custom map, you can ally between the factions and exchange goods such as gold and magic minerals used for spells, the purpose of the game just varies. In the saga, you either have to capture a city filled with dragons and mercenaries or a Tower or just destroy a random strong party to complete the quest. The tricky thing about this game is that Each God has a capital and in the capital there is one boss which is nearly indestructible and can’t be overcome or defeated, the game designers did this so it’s impossible to lose your own city to other attackers, you always have a chance at winning the objective if the enemy player does not destroy it before you.
It’s a very simple game actually in a party there can be a maximum of 6 party members and one of them is the leader wich gains level and upgrades such as Pathfinding and banner bearer.
My personal opinion of this game is that I never actually played a strategy game before that really made me think which direction should I choose or what to conquer next and also defending my conquered cities from invasion, so you really have to have a spread up thinking on the map for this. I don’t use cheats even if I can I prefer to play the real thing.

There are more games released on the disciples franchise the first one is Disciples: Sacred Lands, the second is Disciples II: Dark Prophecy and the third Disciples III: Renaissance, my favorite one is the first that’s where I started playing so if you really want to enjoy a really good turn-based strategy game and You’re in love with old school games I would recommend you try them. Even now sometimes when I’m in the house I start singing the disciples sacred lands menu theme song just for no reason, that’s how much of an impact had this game on me, and I played it about 10-13 years ago I still have it till now, it’s one of the best games that I’ve played and I would recommend it with pleasure

Stronghold Crusader

Hi guys, I want to write today about a game that I was playing since childhood since I was a teenager, It’s a strategy-based game with medieval fights and buildings.
So actually in this game, you are a Lord and need to build a castle to defend your people and conquer territories and defeat other lords. It’s more like age of empires but way cooler.
In my opinion it’s a very laid back game I mean it’s not that hard to play the strategy is simple, you have to defend your castle and your lord by building walls and towers, training archers and mercenaries building forges and stuff like that to train your people into fighting soldiers to attack the enemy base. You need food and granaries to store your rations so that people won’t starve to death. The matchmaking is simple you can play 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 or you can play free for all. You can charge taxes to your people to earn gold or sell goods on the market to buy more soldiers.
The coolest thing about this game, in my opinion, is the fact that you can build very strong stone walls to protect your keep from enemy fighters such as archers and soldiers who try to attack your castle and fortress.
The main goal in my opinion on this game is to never let your people starve to death because if they starve then they start dying and there would be no one to pay the taxes to buy soldiers so you can’t defend your castle anymore. There are places where you can collect wood and stone which are used for buildings you can collect ore to make weapons and armor for your soldiers, you can even build churches for your people to be more fierce and spiritual in battle, How cool is that?
You can ally with players and play multiplayer games and even trade goods between factions to pursue your quest. The main objective of the game is to defeat your enemies so you and your allies win the game.
Some times it can be tricky because the enemy might buy archer mercenaries early in the game and rush to your people’s base making it hard to farm food and collect wood and stone to get you stronger.
But you can you that tacting also it’s called a rush tactic in strategy-based games, like starcraft when the games start the player with the zerg faction just rushes with zerglings early in the game to destroy the enemy probes it can be very frustrating starting the game for 5 minutes and just losing at the start. But this tactic is very effective especially in starcraft games, but you can use this in every strategy-based game. It works I can guarantee you that if you want a quick win and the opponent is not prepared.
I used this tacting in some stronghold games but if the computer or enemy player is faster than you and it builds early stone walls it will be harder to slay its minions because of the stone bricks that protect them so I think it’s more effective in starcraft the early-rush tacting but it works in every game.
I like the fact that you can build very strong soldier with high plate armor and very heavy equipment to fight by your side but they move very slowly when attacking the enemy for but they are very resilient, you can build catapults to get down enemy buildings and walls easier while the knights rush in the base after the wall was broken.
In short terms, it’s a very good medieval strategy fighting game in my opinion. It’s very fun even now I enjoy playing it. I don’t have much experience in strategy games and I even am very slow but I can understand very fast what the game is about and how to win it, You learn playing so have fun playing with it guys.

Arthas and Jaina

As I understood it from the World of Warcraft story Arthas the Lich King and Jaina Proudmoore had an affair before Arthas turned out on his father and went to search for the Lich King’s armor after fiding frostmourne. The sword that he found hidden in a glacier was always directing him to his full armor because The Lich king wanted to be complete not just partially equipped so the sword directed Arthas to his full-body plate armor and then in that moment Arthas understood that he was the Lich King, not just some external force directed him it was himself.
So before he found frostmourne he was in love with this beautiful mage named Jaina, we all know about her we can find her in World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm which is free to play. And the story is that they fell in love and promised to be forever always, but when the purging of Stratholme came it was time for Arthas to choose between cleansing the City and his love and the Silver Hand paladins wich Uther the Lightbringer was part of.
He neglected his love for Jaina which haunted him for times pass and that love just wouldn’t go away even when he was the Lich King he always remembered her and his love, not even the evil could stand against him and that love affair. They promised each other they would sit side by side and even get married I think.
But instead to choose a life of love and light Arthas decided that power was more important for him and for the greater good he would cleanse the Stratholme city of evil, for a good cause of course.
But that really wasn’t the case evidently because he could control frostmourne, the powerful sword wanted more, wanted Arthas to be complete and reign over all scourge in Northrend.

So the story is that no matter how in love with power you are, you would always remember your first love no matter how evil and thirsty for power you think you are.

Dota Allstars

I want to talk about a little about Warcraft 3 and Dota and how I first started playing MOBA games, obviously, dota Allstars was my first MOBA game played as of most people.
I didn’t become addicted to the game instead when I was playing the game I found out that my addictions were leaving me, I was playing dota Allstars and World of Warcraft which is a highly addicting game and I discovered that while playing dota I didn’t feel the need to play WoW so I just thought I could quit WoW for dota but that wasn’t the case.
Many plays and heroes from the old dota game I’ve played there were OP, I always play OP champions in MOBA games because I prefer winning instead of losing, sometimes losing is a choice, If you want to win bad enough in a game you win but if you don’t seek the winning streak far enough you will lose, so I always played overpowered heroes like Pudge, Clinkz, Huskar, Axe, Sniper, Void, Slark, Balanar, and Zeus, and there was this guy Naix which I considered it was the best tank shredder cause he would feast on the enemy’s health bar, the higher the health the more life steal and damage he did so he was the perfect counter for tanks.
As I look back to my Dota Allstars playing time which was a long time ago I recall some of my item builds wich they were not that good but you had to get them, there was this divine rapier wich it cost about 4000 or 5000 gold and wich it was dropped on death, unfortunately so the enemy team could pick it up if you died with that item on, but it had like +240 damage bonus so if you had an approximately immortal hero or you wouldn’t die it was worth the gold like Abbadon which had an ultimate the longer you hit him the more hp he got back with healing, that hero with divine rapier would tear the enemy team apart, and I liked in dota that you with an overpowered hero could do some Penta kills as league of legends says it the had monster kills in the game, I’m talking about the voice-line when you fragged a champion.
So yeah this one this game warcraft 3 I think it’s the only game for me that while playing it I could battle all my video game addictions and even real-life addictions, it’s a very clean game and although it’s an old one I still bought it for my collection and If I wanna play it I can always go right ahead and start a new dota game on battle.net
Now blizzard wants to make a new series of warcraft 3, Its name is Warcraft 3 Reforged, I didn’t buy it yet but maybe I will in the future, who knows?

I always wanted to experience all that the game has to offer and simply have fun with it, in fact it’s my passion and I always enjoy a well-made game, so I think Blizzard is one of the best gaming companies out there for the many interesting games they make and especially for the story which is very captivating to me.

Warrior Fury

I loved the warrior class in WoW it was one of the easiest and most fulfilling classes I’ve played but something happened in the meantime, after I dinged level 120 I would remain behind in the damage meeter list, I had good items, for some reason the character checklist doesn’t show me right now the item level that I have I think blizzard dispatched it. So I was leveling as a fury warrior and in my dungeon quests I had no problem doing a lot of damage to the NPCs in the leveling process but when I reached the top my damage was pretty low and I didn’t understand that most of the raid/team members were doing good even other warriors but my combo skills were that bad? I searched for tactics on the internet and rotations along the way to see how to improve my damage-dealing abilities. I have a 120 Tauren warrior at the moment so I max level but I need to do more damage in the raid/dungeon encounters to better have a tight grip at what I’m doing right here.
While I was leveling I didn’t like tanking, especially warrior tanking I thought they were pretty boring, I prefer DK tanking or paladin, but Warrior it’s pretty hard to gather all the mobs especially if they are more in the zone. So in my dungeon quests I usually went for fury it was my favorite specialization as a warrior dealing damage with two two-handed weapons was good looking and good for dealing damage to the NPCs, while leveling I was always in the top at damage meeters but as soon as I dinged 120 and went to raids that damage dropped drastically, I was thinking maybe because of all the high item equipped team members, it I wasn’t really that good at making combo moves with buttons the rotation at max level is not that easy it’s really complex and has many possibilities, besides the fact that while leveling you only have a few possibilities of combo points at max level when you have all the spells you need for your class it really gets interesting.
But what I do not understand is the fact that I don’t know what I’m doing wrong is it that I don’t have the necessary gear for the sustained damage dealing or I don’t know how to press the combo moves right.

If I would be a good damage dealing warrior at the max level I would probably play it more but as far as I am now in the thing I see that I must do maybe some World Quests and get more accommodated to the class than I already am before I could raid properly.

Illidan Stormrage

Illidan Stormrage is an iconic figure in the World of Warcraft series, he appeared to be the boss in the Black Temple in the Burning Crusade expansion, he is one of my favorite bosses in the game, he looks awesome, he is awesome, the story if Illidan the Betrayer is one that fascinated me, imprisoned by Maiev and the Wardens for ten thousand years he was released to defeat the burning legion, a group of demons who seek to destroy all worlds in the World of Warcraft game.
He was released from his prison to defeat them and save Outland from their selfish acts, during the release he sought alliances with the leader of the broken Akama who at the end of the expansion betrayed him, collaborating with Maiev for Illidan’s demise.
He would have to fight many of the burning legion’s leaders for keeping his homeland, even tho he is called the betrayer he is fighting for a righteous cause, the protection of his homeland Outland who the burning legion seek to destroy, the burning legion actually wants to destroy all worlds they encounter and Illidan was the only one who could defeat them, that’s why he was released from Maiev’s prison.
But the old warden didn’t give up on her revenge so she was seeking to capture Illidan again or defeat him. She was further imprisoned by Illidan but Akama released her and she sought vengeance upon him.
Illidan was later caught in the black temple encountering many enemies and many betrayals. He is seen as the bad guy in the expansion but I know that even in the villans you can find something good.
Blizzard Entertainment later released the Legion expansion which brought into the game demon hunters which resemble as much as death knights for Arthas the Lich King, it is a pretty original idea and people like it, I loved it. But what I didn’t love was that demon hunters had only two specializations at class and I didn’t understand why it wasn’t a third as the other classes did, but when do I venture further in the game maybe I will understand why.

I don’t usually play demon hunter class because of the handicap it has with the two specializations, I can’t accommodate with having less than others so I prefer playing something that is more normalized than everything else. Some day I will try to play a demon hunter and maybe max level it so I can experience the full potential of the class.

Arthas Story

Arthas Menethil known as the lich king is a very iconic personage in the World of Warcraft MMORPG game, he’s one of the bosses with a very interesting storyline. He was a paladin and to cleanse his city from a disease that would transform humans into undead he decided to purge the city, he didn’t know back then that this would be a turn in his destiny. After that, he decided to trace the dreadlord Malganis to Northrend and there he would find immense power in the Lich King’s sword frostmourne and his armor he would then become Arthas the Lich King.
The story of Arthas is very interesting to me as the expansion pack Rise of the Lich King, besides the great dungeons and all the undead scourge that he possessed Arthas was a pretty cool boss he would seem that he had a connection to the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner which she commands the forsaken but the scourge didn’t belong to the horde, they were free. Arthas and his army of undead scourge wanted to hold dominion over the frozen wastes of Northrend where he would sit on the Frozen Throne.

There even is a statue of The Lich King in Taiwan
So the scourge commander had to get through some battles to become the Lich King, he even betrayed his father to take the remains of the Lich Kel’Thuzad as he will become an adept to his plans and an officer in his army.
What struck me the most is that when Arthas found his sword Frostmourne the sword guided him to the Frozen throne which I think is very awesome because I think the sword wanted Arthas to be whole not just to have a weapon but a full armored body, so he could lead with all the necessary equipment.
Arthas is my favorite boss in the whole video game and I think he is the coolest because he invented the death knights wich they are now playable in the game, and whenever you play a death knight you kinda feel like playing Arthas.
Whenever I see the Banshee Queen or Arthas I see undead forces and scourge forces and I think if they would unite in the game which would mean that Arthas would join the Horde would be pretty awesome, how’s that about new content.
Enemy bosses playing Alliance and Horde factions for the future of Azeroth.

Now with the new allied races the horde an the alliance may have new content but what about they’re history, what about they’re plans they seem to seek alliance but they don’t come with a story full background I think blizzard should work on that more.