My brother is the God of League of Legends

My bro is the best one he is the one nothing is better than my brother he is the best kid in the world my brother is a champion.

HiveOS my review

You can download HiveOS from here and install it to a USB or stick but be careful it has to be a fast one preferably 3.0 or 3.1 USB stick install it on your drive and after that you need to download the HIVEOS app from google play to manage your miners the mining will start automatically after you make a new wallet and a new flight sheet you will see that in your app or laptop whatever you choose.

You can mine for free ETH and ETC you can mine different coins also but you need wallets for withdraws the withdraws come up automatically when the minimum treshold has been reached for the pool you are mining on.

Mine safely with HiveOS.

My brother is the God of Hip-Hop

My brother is the God of Hip-Hop his name is Andrei and he is great he wants to improve and grow he is in college now and all he wants is to learn new things my brother is a small God for now but I defend him and I will always have his back forever, my brother is everything to me and I love him so much, please be patient with him, God bless him, no curse. Just please

My brothers dream is to grow big and strong and always improve and always be the best at what he does, he can do anything he wants with me, my brother is my God and always will be I love him so much, my brothers dreams will always be protected by me.

Star Systems and Star Seeds

A system is something in which everything goes like a cycle and a seed is something given by the star system as a reward for all the hard work you put into it, the system behaves such like nothing else and the star system behaves in a way we all know, the system in which stars are born are nothing more than atoms fusing and confusing together.

A star seed is something we put out there in the world and makes the world a better place a Star seed is something given and earned not something you can toy with.

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich (Book)

In the book statement Napoleon Hill an American Philanthropist describes the world through a view of uncertainty he and his squad really relies on the belief that lies are actually true in some way.

He describes the power of will being one of the utmost and most powerful forces in the universe , in the book he writes about how to get rich giving examples of successful people like Dale Carnegie or Thomas Edison, in the new reformed book he gives examples of even Arnold Schwarzenegger , anyway. The book focuses mainly on his ability to overcome the fear of money the fear of getting wealthy and the fear which we all have in some way like, the fear of rejection from money.

The book is very versatile and easy to handle it says about principles of getting wealthy and rich as the same as getting your shit together with your family and loved ones.

People need to read more books like that and so do I so cya later.

I never had a girlfriend before in my life

My girls I had also left me for other dudes they hated me they didn’t love me so yeah I did three virgins so what they gonna do it anyway who cares, but nobody stayed with me and that sucked the most, the most time I spent all alone in my room reading books and practicing video games and rap. but nothing else I swear, most of the time I ever jacked off at porn but it didn’t work out for me so i quit porn for now.

Because of my mental illness now I have to deal with a lot of bullshit that is crazy and fucked up most of my teenage life, people come to me for advice but not for money they want truth but i can’t give truth before testing them if you don’t own me then get the fuck outta my face

I can’t have kids this means I am infertile

God only knows I tried to have kids but I couldn’t because of the medication I take for my separation of my two different personalities I cannot have children now I don’t know if ever, If my kids would love me that would be great but I only have kids with my wife that would seem unfair didn’t it.

Because of my medication I cannot ejaculate I even tried with different women and this makes me like a sex toy for most women but I hate it there is no pleasure in it for me I just feel stiff and that is all.

Feeling stiff makes life horrible, do not be stiff do not be like me 😀

Be wary traveler

Snakes all over the place , snakes on a plane if you fuck up this you don’t deserve me if you want it i don’t have it so go somewhere else to fly on, think about you mom did you want to do her like that or your mom does not concern you like that, or your mom died by car accident? or your mom died if your mom died what would you do would you do her like that, would you do your mom, think about that for a chance and first as then seek help please because you my friend are mentally unstable and ill, always.

Mentally unstable comes from the scindation of the person into two separate entities one which goes right the other left one goes to your house the other to me, i do not fuck up like you did you did me not me you if you understand this u real dawg if you don’t go to sleep dawg cause you yawn a lot

Go 2 sleep