Hello, my name is Gabriel, I’m a passionate gamer since I had my first PC with windows 98 in 2001, I’m 27 years old and I like to write, play video games and read books. My main passion is playing games that’s why I chose to write about them, in my spare time I also read books about video games, personal development, economy, and leadership. My main focus with this blog I have made for my reader is to inspire them to see the games that I talk about differently than just mechanical play and make them try to understand what the game is about from my point of view.
I’ve spent a lot of time playing on PC games and I have some knowledge about them that I would like to share and maybe inspire the great gaming companies that I like to learn from my experience and improve some of the games I listed on this blog.
I would be very happy if any game developer out there would be inspired by me and not feel bad that it was my idea from the beginning. If I could help the game industry grow and develop that would give me great satisfaction. I do this mostly for people to understand my concept of how new content can be built and what can we learn from it.
The only thing I ask is that I find enough time to play and write about it so that I can share my imagination with my fellow gamers out there. Playing games made me the person I am today and I think now it’s the time to give back from what I’ve learned along the way from this experience.

If I could manage to inspire anyone reading this I would be happy, so enjoy the blog and don’t forget to tell your gamer friends about it too.

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