Study the English language like an English teacher

I am born Romanian south-east europe and I was born a romanian but since I was a kid I already knew the english language almost perfectly and it was so easy for me to speak write and talk about it I always got high grades at english even without knowing anything of it, in my life I have enjoyed studying books of different types and sizes like Dante’s Inferno or Crime and Punishment like Balzac and Stendhal everybody anybody like the greatest writers of all time were mine with me here in heaven I also loved that one book that changed my life forever it was an british writer Joseph Delaney who taught me to read my first novels Spook’s Apprentice he was like my father to me always learning from him anything that I could I would devour any information it served me and it was about all the ghosts and devils in the world it was about a boy the seventh of the seventh child who was the spook’s apprentice i read about six or seven books from the saga and it was amazing now I could read english books as easy as romanian books my reading skills have increased dastically over time

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