Space Cocoon

Well when you are in space is like that you feel trapped in a box in reality it is not a box it is a cocoon and you are trapped here on earth too if you know what I am talking about you will know this existence is a prison made for you it is a test to see if you can rise above it to see if you can win it, this life , all earth life is a test to survive to make it, to own it, to prosper but to wake up from this dream, these nightmares that haunt us, crimes, killers and so on, food, places, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers we all are here not with a purpose other than to wake up from all the dreams, there is no dream, there are many dreams a lot of them millions of millions of people are dreaming billions of people are dreaming and will dream forever if they do not wake up they will be trapped there in the cocoon, wake up people it’s time to shine

Publicat de Asethabalanar

Artist of Life

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