Some thoughts that make me crazy

I think always about starting over but I can’t always do it why it is because the past was left behind long ago I have to move forward if they move forward I move forward that’s life it’s just a memory of things you know it is kind of placent pleasant if you know what I mean but anyway man hows your daughter rofl, Eminem bro he’s my bro.

Yeah it kind of makes me crazy how ignored I am for what like that song turned down for what or maybe I just don’t need no woman in my life that is true also, I need no woman even if they love me I don’t need them , I can love you but I don’t need you, I can have an one night stand leave my love in you and that’s it, one night stands kinds of make me crazy I hate that I hate leaving I hate moving forward dunno why. It feels like crap being dumped but anyway man life is an interesting journey you will never know where it will take you if you don’t move forward so move 🙂

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Artist of Life

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