Real Freedom is Rare (Free the World)

Freedom is very rare imagine going to the woods to take a nap you get your tent some food and your dog, imagine there how the nap goes do you feel safe and if not will you ever feel safe in the woods, that is a good question to ask why don’t we just feel safe in nature and make it all savage like this nature is beautiful it gives us air oxygen and anything we need and we destory it step by step but nature is smarter than us nature regenerates all energy and comes back stronger than before the good thing is you can destroy nature but nature will be reborn one day so you know.

You can kill a tree but many more will take its place, you can kill a man but many more will take its place you can kill a woman but a baby will take its place its a never ending cycle of being nobody left here nobody arrived we here cause we human and that is what makes earth so beautiful and peaceful because it is ours because we are born here, because earth is our home, we can go to mars but we will ever miss earth?

I miss you Earth already 😀

Publicat de Asethabalanar

Artist of Life

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