Choose your Destiny, Flawless Victory

I choose Victory not because I can but because I have to I have to be strong enough I have no choice but to go out there and give it all my best I choose this life because it is hard and rewarding at the same time I choose this life not because it is easy but because it is hard, and I am tough enough to make it happen, since child birth I have been abused by school friends and friends in the neighbourhood and I have learned that life is hard life is not for the weak if you weak you die if you settle for this life you die life is only for the strong you choose this life because you can make it and you will make it until you die you choose this life because you can live it and not be killed by a random stranger on the road you choose this life because you TOUGH ENOUGH TO MAKE IT HAPPEN you not weak you strong so stay strong and hustle for as long as you live this is what I tell my players stay strong and hustle and never ever give up on your dreams make them happen and if your dreams don’t happen yet don’t worry eventually they will some they you won’t die alone I promise you this.

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