Books make the world a magical place for me

I am an avid reader to be honest I like to read a lot I am not so good at writing but reading is ok, I like music, pop, rap rnb hip hop and so on, I like to listen to rap music in general I like pancakes and DJ Tiesto, I also love Eminem by the way, America is a great place to live in, Romania is poor, we barely survive now but its ok, it will last until it lasts God bless America my dream World, I have this crazy dream where me and Eminem were Kings and were together I still dream aboyt Eminem but we can never be together we are too far away unfortunately and sadly I wish I could help him get through this it is a long and dificult journey but as far as I am concerned I don’t need him to be me, sadly the world in which we live today is collapsing and very sadly there is nothing we can do about it 🙂

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