A system of value

A system of value is something you grow up with it is in your family geens it is yourself you as a person are a system of diverse organs combined together in one person if one organ fails you fail so watch out what you drink what you eat and what you piss cause you might miss the big picture here, drugs are bad drugs are illegal so I do not encourage in either drinking or taking drunks I would encourage you in developing skills for the benefit of mankind and not just yourself or your ego, for the benefit of all living being not just yourself. Asystem of value contributes to all people and only if we play as one can we win this game, if we don’t we will fail, but have no fear if one is still up, we all are up, mother nature provides for all not just the rich and wealthy we all get a pieace of the pie which is called our life, it’s my life and it’s now or never I ain’t going to live forever I just want to live while I’m alive. It’s my life.

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