The Romanian Matrix

Romanian matrix what is it that we so special human beings co-exist in a vast country that is on the verge or extincsion and on the verge of collapse

What is it about the Romanian Matrix that makes it so huge and big to co-exist in? The existentialism of crysis impact over the world has brought romania to its knees in the mind of romanians there is only habit never the less could be the mass extiction of the romanian people and the collapse of the romanian government, in romania the government keeps losing power.

In romania the people if the do not wake up from this the government will continue to lose power until it is overthrown by the citizens and the army along with police forces. No outside can comprehend romanian history as we romanians do and if romania does not wake up the government will soon fall under the people’s knees.

This is Romania.

This is the Government.

This is the fall of the Romanian Government.