The all die young phase

I am going to write about it a little story I had since I was a kid I am not silent anymore I want to speak about it so yeah, this is my story I was diagnosed with psychotic episode in 2014 january after that the disease degenerated into bipolar grade 2 after that my mom asked me do go to a shrink because I stay home all the time and do nothing but ask for money from my parents because I am broke but I still got some left.

I am broke now but the future seems brighter with each passing day that it gets lifted above my shoulders. I want to talk about this because I feel it is the right thing to do, most of us with this disease do not speak about it so much they swallow their words so bad it hurts them so much.

But me no, I speak about it because I can and I will do my best in my job which is an entrepreneur and streamer on youtube.