The financial industry

The financial industry is big everybody wants money but how about happiness awakening the love of God and all that, we all want money we need money to survive but what about happiness do we need happiness do we need to fulfill our dreams do we need to wake up?

I think we do, God is asking why do they not awaken at this time of need when they all run around for cash rather than wisdom I ask you this why do we need material things instead of happiness and joy and heaven on earth, we can bring heaven on earth and Jesus is still here with us I can feel him he’s ok.

So why do we fight so much instead of asking for help from our father above I ask you this, why search when you can ask, ask yourself why start with why and it will be ok in the end.

This is not the fear of death we give in is the fear of dying that we fear the most, the fear of nothingness that we fear the most not the absence of God but the absence of dreams that we lack all of us as a human race together as a team.