In Romania we call it the school of life this does not teach you in school I have a college degree in economics but can’t do masters because I got kicked out out of a private college for being rude to girls, what the heck. you call it.

My mistake was, : don’t watch TV, TV indoctrinates makes you stupid the internet is way better option than TV.

Rule no 2 : Don’t read too many books at once, I caused myself brain injury by reading too much and now I sleep on my neck very often.

Rule no 3 : Get money make money use money, get as much money possible stored in your account at all times.

Rule no 4: Get medical help if you feel sick, in these Covid-19 times we need like some sort of pills to feel better, don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.

Rule no 5 : Go home if work does not suit you, quit your job, in my case i’m retired for handicap level 2 for 1 year.