The metabolic system

So the metabolic system is a system we all have it influences if we gain fat or lose fat, what we eat, see, think, watch and receive from in ourselves to out of ourselves, the metabolic system is perpetuated by two facts it can be high or it can be low it can never be left or right it can only be low and high.

My system my metabolic system works differently now that I take medication from where I was not now I am fat when back then I was slim, two options either fat or slim or no in between.

My system is generated by power which means food for the corpse to eat while people think about this what we eat defines actually who we are.

We never think of these kinds of things but they are so real so if you eat good food you will stay healthy but if you eat bad food you will become ill.

Just like any drug positive or negative to substances we can only hope for God to save us or we should only save ourselves from this God.