How the stock market influenced my life personally

I was just a guy roaming around trying to find a purpose of living, and then it hit me right in the neck of my back it was the stock markets the financial brokers the big financial systems, as I am a licensed economist I can say money has a really big impact on us all not just me and all the brokers out there know this they know me, they know the money bro money talks I don’t have to.

The big big big financial systems out there all function on one single purpose in life and that is to make profit to save the earth from dying, We do not want earth to die we want to live we want the earth to live a happy life that is why I am a financial worker my own freelancer as I could say my own boss but I work for my mother who is our mother of us all for mother nature, and if you feel the same hit me up maybe we do some business together.