Supermassive black hole

Well I got a time system now I don’t know who I got it from I think I crated it on my own lol this is wired this time we going to do it in style so hold up a bit because I am high on cockaine so let’s do this well guys we gon win this time trust me on this one we gon do it turn back time and hell yeah, let’s go, this time we gon win the jackpot.

These people I met have on thing in common and that is nudity it sucks you suck stop posting nudes they bad and awful nobody wants to see your skin you suck.

So tell me now how old are you? I don’t know 1. 2. 3. ten thousand years ago who cares we have time systematically implanted in all our brains from the whole planet is here nobody is useless you just got to find a way to get out of your daily routine and think about it for a second is this who I want to be or is it not, is this me or is it now. Who am I?