I love god

I think God for me is like my best friends, I always wanted to succeed at life you know, they told you you won’t make it, well you can make it only if you want to if you can do it, you have to master your mind to do it so, you got to think you can do it it’s in you I believe in you I promise you I won’t go away I promise I will always be there for you I promise you with my soul which is mine forever, My soul is eternal and I will guard you forever you will always be protected by me and the love of God Almighty. Thank you all for coming out I love all of you, please be with me in this time of need as I try to resurrect so many souls as possible, I believe in reincarnation so wait for me as I begin the resurrection ritual, thank you for your love patience and time I will always love you all my friends family and animals all over the world.

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