a wall

I crate a Wall to protect my people from harm pain and disappointment I create a wall for my family friends and all loved ones not to suffer pain or agony or defeat we win this time is off let’s do it guys. We got this by the nose. Let’s win this come on we got this now. We on it let’s move on to a new generation of babies who can do great things for this earth even save the planet. And eventually save earth from ending.

We must find a way to survive the holocaust that is coming we must find a way to stop war from happening we must find a way to block all negativity and hate we must find a way to survive this and we shall survive it because i say so. we are going to be the winners the survivors and the perfect combination of hot and cold, winter and sun, rain and wind, towers and clouds, this planet will regenerate to sustain life forever.

May God have mercy on our souls for all. Mankind alike.