I want to create my own world

I want to create my own world full of happiness and happy people who know the truth and don’t believe any lies, I want to stay true to myself, I want to be happy not in a way like an illusion or some sort just to be perfectly genuinely happy and to focus on what we want to achieve in life and go and get it, I want to create a world of equal opportunity for all men women and children and a more safe place to live, like a survival mode on, or regeneration mode on or healing process. The scars the wounds are very deep I had to do this I was going mad. My own world is like most people think like I am some kind of wizard of some sort I don’t know but I want to know more about it. I tend to focus a lot on progress and a lot of my thinking goes into my work, the blog I have and the channel I have on Youtube and I try at least to make something of myself and my life just do it. Not to talk about sacrificing virgins, well If a girl or woman chooses me that will be fine I like to love them.

Women mostly care about looks money fashion things and love they want respect they want to be somebody, women want to be somebody special I know it that women want to be somebody I can hear them all day long I just hear how women go and come back to me, this is amazing, this is all I ever wanted, to have girl just for myself to love and to cherish, I want a wife a spouse a lover that will love me forever just you and me, I want a woman just for me and nobody else just like my mom is for my dad some how.

I don’t seek like a lot of relationships but when it comes to women I like them real, just be real with me ok, tell me the truth I won’t be mad about it thank you.