I have a dream

My dream is to make something of my life to work hard to progress , to evolve, to conquer, to be phenomenal just like Eminem he is a success I am so sorry for what happened to Dr. Dre. I feel you trust me I feel you I failed a lot in my day and I still fail I have gone through madness I tried the impossible I was arrested I was abducted by the ambulance and so on, we can only try but if we fail it does not stand a chance, I want to take risks I want to risk I want to strive , I have gone through madness to push on forward to conquer to succeed the road is very hard and I am so sorry if I said something bad about you please forgive me I regret it deeply . I wish everybody would make it so we know we are not alone in this world, peace up guys never lose faith in god Jesus died for us.

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