This is how the universe works

I know I said some things that I did not mean but it does not matter, you try again you fail, but never give up, life always gives us chances, it is up to us to profit from them or not, well in my case it was the exact opposite, I never expected my life would be like this, I wanted to marry at 20 when I was in college, that did not work out I fell in love and failed, I finished my college degree in economics and now I am retired . I work on youtube as a game streamer and a writer, I also like to mine bitcoin for a living, I want to start my own mining farm. I want to earn my money with bitcoin while I still can. I want to have a happy positive life and help those I can and need my help. I want to inspire as many people as possible. I want to do good things to the world and this society. I currently live in Romania and this is my blog.

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Artist of Life

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