It might get messy

On your way to the top it might get a little bit wired sometimes I know but what can I do, this is life, life is messy, we fail, we mistake, we take for granted and we over love most of the time, I had no idea where I should go anyway, I was born with a drive that most people do not understand, anyway I was afraid it was too late, LoL, well, it’s not too late, LoL, I had all these dreams in my head and did not know what to do with them, I dream about Eminem and Rap God and stuff like that, dream of being famous and showing up on youtube.

I had also this drive for women too. I felt like I was neglected or taken for granted most of the time.

As a job I’m thinking of putting my life back together again, most of the time I spend reading books. I am bipolar so I guess it is something I can do. Freedom is priceless.