We own it, we own it, that’s what they say but what do they say about they don’t say? What do they say then? If nobody says it how will they know? I know WTF. What is wrong with you people, I am smart I am brilliant I am a genius. You so small and weak I pity you, but never the less people who come into my life have a wonderful meaning about them, I lost so many friends I can’t even remember, I did so many things I can’t even remember and I don’t want to remember, I want to forget them , I want to forget all the people in my life who did not believe in me, I want to forget everybody who doubted me.

No more haters, none, not even a single one, I don’t care you can do what you want, it’s your own karma but don’t blame me for your stupid mistakes every time you fail or fuck up.

It’s not my fault you are a loser, Get a grip.