I dream

My dream is to be the next Rap God so as Eminem so if I have his success I will be the next Rap God. So this is my dream I dream of it every now and then and I also dream about Tupac. So these two guys influenced me a lot, well man, I got to say some of them ain’t fair huh. I got to say that. I don’t know.

These people I manage with are not my friends all they want to do is fuck me over, well then I need a girlfriend as soon as possible, maybe more than once.

Well this is quite nasty if you ask me.

My dream is to be the best guy ever and to be the best man in the world. My dream is to be the man of the year.

My dream is to be the full option menus at the restaurant, my dream is going to be the real one really soon.

My dream is to dream of a better tomorrow.

My dream is to grow up and have a big house with cozy cats and a wife.

My dream is to make all my dreams possible, my dream is to dream big.