Our body

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Our body is like the perfect machine we can regenerate, revive, reborn, and resurrect all those feelings inside when you tell them you should not say it, do not say that, you don’t know what I am about to say, you don’t know what I am thinking , you don’t know anything about me.

I got this wired feeling that our bodies are more capable of sustaining life more than we will ever know, my body is like my temple I take care of it I take care of what I eat and drink and what I smoke. I take care of my body just as I would like to take care of somebody else’s body.

My body is the perfect survival machine my machine will work for you non stop 24/7 all day long all night long. We should not do this this is not safe to do.

We work, we try , we laugh, we cry, we heartbreak we live, we die, we mourn, we growl. Our bodies can take a lot of damage until final collapse so I am speaking about the immune system because of the pandemic, our immune system is always alert and working day and night never stopping like our heart.

De Asethabalanar

Artist of Life

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