It is my job

I got hired as a part-time writer on wordpress so this is it I am writing to you so you know you can keep me close when you need to, I got this job by surprise as an entrepreneur and a freelancer, I got this because I had nothing else to do, I need some kind of activity to keep my mind sane and ok. I need to write as a full time job because writing is my style and I love doing it, this time I write to you with a full heart of warm feelings so you know my love, this time that I write to you I feel like I am working on my career, I got a lot of posts and articles published not only here on wordpress but so on Blogger.

I got into writing a few years ago while I was searching on the web for something to do, now that I got here I hope you will enjoy my literacy and my way of writing as much as I enjoy doing it.

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Artist of Life

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