I have decided

I have decided to stick to my own rules my own way of life and my own thinking, anything that stands in my way will be turned to rubble, I have decided to be my own boss, my own being, my own self, to let go of the ego and embrace uncertainty. I have decided to move further to a new way of life and start over, there is no way to go just up, I have decided to be an entrepreneur and a rapper, a miner, and a streamer, a writer and a father. I have decided to be what I want to be and when I want to be it, I have decided to start a new life full of abundance and self help, my own thing and make things happen for me.

I have decided to write about it because I cannot speak about it long enough, it was my decision to make this plan so I’m sticking to it forever until the end of time.

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Artist of Life

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