Regeneration Game

I used to think that staying healthy is my number one priority well it actually is, I drink a lot of water, I eat vegetables, I try to eat less meat, or bad food or fast food, I try to stay healthy, my health is my number one priority right now, I check my pulse go to the doctor, take my medicine, my mental health is improving I try to think more of my immune system going off. My mental health is doing fine now I try to drink a lot of water and stay away from fast food restaurants or bad influences or bad foods, I try to be vegan I tried to eat healthy as much as I can, less sugar more black coffee, eat black chocolate stay healthy get more vitamins , walk in nature, breathe fresh air, in Romania the air is very polluted from all the cars around us.

Being healthy and staying healthy having a healthy lifestyle is really hard but it is a way of life I try to exercise more and eat well and I guess that is what I am asking from life right now, like not to die from hunger or malnutrition.

Maybe in another life we will meet again and we will serve each other what we truly deserve in life, I don’t know what the catch is but sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it the pain the struggle and the money.

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