Life is Life

I always wondered how normal people feel, I have been sick since I was 21, the start of the year 2014 gave me a feeling of illness and betrayal I was hospitalized in a mental institution by the end of 2013, for the first time I saw darkness within, my dark days have come to an end, but by the year 2021 I am getting better now, it has been a long road of self discovery, the drugs and the marijuana kicking in with legal substances making me feel high, I was depraved by my only mental ideal, the fulfillness of hope, the intriguing sensation of freedom in the drug world. The world of drugs calm me down but now I felt like I needed to leave that place. I was consumed by hatred of revenge and betrayal I was abused mal nourished and sick, was lonely guy in a lonely place in this world the blackness insomniac has taken over me now I beg for difference in the world of the normal, I seek hope in the eyes of the beloved family I have, the past is not real anymore I have left that place, in a forgotten sick and pleasure-less seeking before my own eyes. I left my past behind me once more I forgot who was there for me when I needed the most I mean no one but my mom and dad and my brother, my family is everything that I have, everything else is rust to rubble.