In life you have to succeed on your two feet (on your own)

I started thinking lately how do I succeed in life and I thought about myself as an individual I thought how do I make it? I thought about all the bad stuff that could happen all those crazy people outside on the streets. I thought about my home, my mother, my father and my brother. I thought about succeeding all by myself but I don’t know how, how am I going to make it? How do I do it I don’t have money I don’t have a big house I don’t have expensive clothes I am just me all by myself so how do I succeed so I thought about myself is perseverance, the ability to overcome obstacles in life, when life gives you lemons then make lemonade then. So I though if I could make it from the bottom without having nothing here in Romania that would be great, without doing something illegal of course, so I thought that I could make my own blog and video blog and I thought that if I could earn some extra money that would be great. So I have wordpress and I have youtube, and now what do I do?

Here comes the next one.

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Artist of Life

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