I got something to say

As soon as I open my computer the people I had to deal with these days make me funny mad, sometimes I overreact but sometimes I do not, I don’t know why but sometimes even if it pisses me off, people do not like the way I talk or how I am, I do not believe in religion, I want to have my own religion where I am king, I am God, I am King and God and Pharaoh, So I’m number one, well yeah this is it, that is why I made this blog in the first place, to be number one, who knew??

I am number one and playing like this made me quit mad lately, because I had nothing to do and with this came the other stuff, it’s all a big road heading to nowhere, going off and down going up and slow going side-ways and never backing down never giving up it’s a motivation, maybe a motivational speaker I don’t know people go and come as fast as I type now. But most people understand from their own level of perception.

What I was trying to tell you on my blog I mean the big idea of my blog is that I want to be number one and focus on my writing skills and mostly my image perfection of the world, I try to expand my consciousness as long as I can but mostly what do I write about has nothing to do with certain people I just do it for myself and if you understand that, you get what I mean.

My blog is for you all to read and enjoy and if you feel empowered by it, be careful because I never ask for anything in return, I am giving it all away, just for you people, my fans, my readers, my everything, I love you so much, so thank you for watching, reading and reaching out.

For peace.