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Well I started just like you, one guy one word, as I walk beside my brethren in Romania I found out I am not the only one as I get older and bigger I realize that most people and even those who read me, are not like everyone else they are special, my special skill is that I do not have any special skills, I’m a writer I’m a poet I’m a dreamer, I’m everything I want to be in life. But I just found out that you can create your own life from your own words and that hit me so hard. I can create my own little world inside of my head right now I can have all the people in the world join me in my quest for forgiveness of cruelty to animals and nothing more. I am a natural a born leader seeking hope amongst the woods of reality in which we live in. I am a dreamer of none people can wait against the wall of perfection and idealism of the none-ness and one-ness that we are.

As long as the script stays the same you can return to sand, we take majorly care of what we bring to this world, sometimes it is enough but sometimes the quest is too far away I feel like drifting to some place quiet just me and my books that I have, I collect books and video games.

If you think I am not enough for this blog please say it, don’t hold a grudge we don’t like baggers just work for it like I do.

I know some people don’t have the same luck I do but where is God there is always hope, believe in God, believe in Hope, believe in yourself, always.

Bring peace to this God-Forsaken World that we live in, take care.

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