How to stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle in a modern world

I was thinking if I care so much about my health I should go see a doctor right, well that is not that far from the truth well you see doctors these days are very smart and very intuitive you cannot fool them they see right through you, and that is not far from the truth, why are you afraid of doctors when all they want is to heal you, so what you need a vaccine so what you need to take medication so what you are ill or have a disease you only care about yourself, if you are not healthy you are ill there is no in between and a healthy lifestyle and good health is better than all the money in the world, what good is that you have money when you have cancer for example, why you need more money when you are going to die in 10 years, so to speak.

Why do you need money if all you do is eat fast food and go to church to pray to God to make you healthy again, why you start running marathons for God’s sake. Making sport and having a healthy lifestyle is a sign of success you cannot have success if you are ill or are obese or fat or ugly or ill or malnutritious or your brain do not has the same cells it need to procreate and reproduce.

The food you eat influences you way of life, TV for example teaches us all the bad and ugly stuff of the world if we stop watching TV our lives will change into a future we never thought possible before, I have friends who quit watching TV to do something constructive like sports for example, looking good helps the ladies come.

Sport is good but eating well is better I try to excersie by walking a lot and by walking I mean going to the park and make marathons of running.

So when you think of health think of what you eat what you do and what you drink.

This is very important stuff for your well being guys.