The beginning is always the hardest

I try my best to talk fluently in english but it is so hard learning all the words, english is my second language so I have to know it pretty well I have made a commitment to the english language I will try to learn it as much as I can but I always learn from my mistakes and failures and I think that is a good thing, I always try to perfect my language skills and my social skills but it does not work every time but as long as I have my family with me its all ok until now.

My english language is not that good I admit it but as soon as I start learning and take some english language classes I think it is going to be ok, I love this language so much but I can try Romanian too, I love learning new languages even if they are hard to read.

I always try to be as positive as I can and never disrespect anyone even if I hate them, sometimes it is very hard to be me because I think a lot and sometimes thinking is really hard.

I use medication as a relief from my personal problems and I do not want to give up ever, I think this is the new lifestyle I want and I hope this helps somebody.

If you feel inspired about my writing please leave a thumbs up and take care of yourself, Thank you.

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