I want to be successful

Yeah I want to be successful in what I do who I do and what I do with I know that computers are also good for work and television is for basic people, I know that but what can I do to make myself better to progress or to evolove, what can I do just a kid named 28 years of age Asethabalanar?

Well my question is simple, is work worth it working for yourself and improving yourself well yeah you got to lose some sleep you got to quit watching TV you got to get out of your comfort zone that especially is the hardest thing I know.

To get out of that place is so hard that most of us get lost in it.

Like quitting masturbation and stuff like that you lose all the pleasure you hard embracing a harder lifestyle. While masturbation is bad nobody talks about this because it is TABU and sexually speaking we do not ask silly questions.

The most time I spent without masturbating once was 6 months I progressed by far the most back then but now, I don’t know.

Just feels like quitting pleasure the greatest achivement I had ever.

Don’t you agree?

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