We like women

I’m not saying this just because I am a guy no. I am saying this because its worth it and its worth the shot many people like us don’t know how to deal with women and that’s fine if you don’t feel like you need a girlfriend its fine nobody forces you do to anything but if you feel all alone sometimes and you need a girl that’s something else my friend, when you need her she will come to you not you will go to her.

Its bad I know but that’s just the way it is most men run after women with no specific purpose what so ever but mostly all these women out there have no clue what they need.

Most women I have talked to and dealt with have no idea what is it like to be alone or even lonely. They have no clue because they are spoiled.

They are spoiled since childbirth they are spoiled since they were little they are spoiled by their fathers who want to protect them.

And that’s all my friends.