This is why I love Eminem

Well to be honest with you, I chose him since my childhood I don’t know I have seen a CD of him in a friends bag and I took it I took the CD and started listening to it I believe it was the Eminem show, well I saw the CD and started thinking man this guy is good so I started wearing baggy clothes just like him, I started seeing all these things in my head with him and started focusing on what the hell happened to him and to us.

He’s latest song I don’t like that much he kind of slipped of the rail track lately.

Not much of a influencer huh, Well Eminem to me is like a mentor I wouldn’t say he’s like the best rapper but not the worst either I think he’s focusing on staying alive right now and yeah could be better.

Eminem right now is kind of well, uninspired he thinks he’s done it all but that’s not true I think he talks too much honestly.

The way he speaks and stuff, I couldn’t go after him anyway not my style.

But the way I do it its because I get inspired from him and came up with all these ideas in my head about music and stuff and I enjoy it but personally prefer different rappers.

Age has no meaning here it does not matter he’s 40 now and I’m 28.

He is for me inspiring and that is all I’m not a Stan anyway lol.

I’m kind of pissed he didn’t do more honestly, so that is that.

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