I got friends

Hello guys I’m back with another episode of friends, I got friends and how many of them I don’t know they are all over the place, damn talk about small world huh.

Just yesterday I met a friend in ParkLake Shopping Centre in Bucharest he was small and tiny.

I got this new idea of how to become a God that I got. He ain’t huh.

Yeah well we know it you know it and we all know it he ain’t.

Well because he ain’t a God now I’m a God and people are people, most of them roam around aimlessly to their jobs and stuff like that, play a game get a job stay safe and eat vegetables, this is a simple life anyway, so lets get to the point, the point is I’m not a God yet I’m beginning to feel like a God but I’m not a God.

I’m a titan whatever that is above gods, well gods are gods maybe I’m just a small God yet.

I don’t know for sure but I am the God you wish to see in the newspapers all day long.

So read ya shit and start working yap yap.

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