About the women in my life

I had some women in my life, some say I’m a chick magnet, some say I’m the pussy destroyer well I say I am none of them, the women in my life is actually my mom, she’s the only one right now and I have to thank her for all her support love and care that she had for me, in the past few years I have seen that my success with women has decreased drastically, I don’t have the courage enough to pursue them anymore, I don’t know why I think I need more excersise.

Since I got ill my success with women decreased dramatically I had no time for them they had no time for me.

And we left it like that, but tonight its going to be all about the women in my life, I had a few not much even a few virgins to be honest but I need more. I need more women to be by my side I don’t know why.

I feel this urge to reproduce lately.

Well women have much in common with people they say a lot talk a lot and nothing to do with it are very bad at chess, most women I met are really bad at mind games or even video games to be honest. Most women I met are actually bad at everything, most women I met are bad at math bat at literature they don’t read don’t exercise just TV all day and that’s that, useless peace of chucks.

Most women I met are just like not today maybe tomorrow and not tomorrow maybe when its too late, ha ha ha what a bad joke. Women are the worst possible evolution failure I’ve seen they are so intricate that even the worst sherminator could get one.

Now really women are the worst no excuses.