The Matrix is real and it’s within us all.

Open your eyes Neo, you are the chosen one, the chosen one of the Gods the God of the Gods, you can help people Neo, you can really do.

You can help us save the planet, you can help us heal the world, you can do it Neo, I believe in you, I believe in the matrix, I believe in the music industry, I believe in you all, you can do it Neo, this is what my head always keeps telling me, never give up, I know its hard but you can do it, I believe in you Keanu, you are the best, never give up man we friends now.

If they wasn’t for him I probably would not be alive today, if it was not for you Neo I probably would not be free anymore, I would be captive in a Jail cell.

Thank you Keanu for showing me the path brother, you have my humble gratitude and respect for what you have done and your work man.


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