The Matrix is all around us.

Yeah the matrix is real, the matrix is efficient and the matrix is palpable, I can see it now, it is all over the place, it’s all around us, its in our food, its in our blood, its in our ways of life, the matrix is real and so are you.

We are all in this place with a purpose, just try to figure that out, try to figure your purpose, try to figure yourself out.

You are not just a sinner, you are the whole world in motion, you are apocalyptic and apologetic, you are fine and sexy, you are hot and nice, you are mice and rats, you are fitness with a bit of stress.

We got this by the nut sack we are one, we are the future, we are the terrorists , we are Anonymus we are anywhere and any thing possible can ever make this happen.

We got this online we got this in the real and virtual world, we got this everywhere and by any means necessary .

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